Monday, 27 February 2012

HUGO only genre success at Oscars 2012

So the long-winded orgy of self-congratulation that is Oscar Night is over the box office boosts (sorry I mean golden statuettes) have been handed out to those American projects that needed them. Actually, this year around it was a European silent movie THE ARTIST that took the major accolades, but in the more technical categories one film flew the flag for fantastic films and that film was Martin Scorsese's HUGO.

Winning for best visual effects, sound mixing, sound editing, cinematography and production design, HUGO did pretty well for itself, but won't be making the headlines.

To be fair, there weren't that many truly great science fiction or fantasy movies out there in the last year, so there wasn't much to choose from and the American academy is known to be averse to fantasy/sci fi so it shouldn't come as any great surprise.

Anyway, well done to HUGO. You done good.

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