Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Daleks invade London (again)

Do you remember this?

Way back in 1964 this was the image that scared the living daylights out of a generation. The daleks had taken over the planet and to prove it were parading through the city of London.

The episode was The Dalek Invasion of Earth and starred William Hartnell as the first Doctor. It's available on DVD and it hasn't lost any of its power to shock.

Now look to the right. No this isn't the horror that is colorisation visited on the classic Dr Who adventure, but a restaging of the event in aid of publicising The DOCTOR WHO EXPERIENCE in London, which runs through to November.

There are four generations of dalek here frome throughout the show's run including the triumphant copper-coloured recreation for Christopher Ecclestone's ninth Doctor and the much more controversial multicoloured version that greeted Matt Smith's eleventh Doctor. Whichever is your favourite, it cannot be argued that the daleks are the quintessential Doctor Who alien and a truly iconic science fiction creation.

Anyone who disagrees will, inevitably, be exterminated.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Kermode Gives Quality Rant to Transformers 3

If you haven't already heard it, get yourself over to BBC Radio 5 Live's website and check out Mark Kermode's review of TRANSFORMERS 3:DARK OF THE MOON. It's absolutely priceless.

Howl at the moon with TEEN WOLF

The vampires have been having all the fun in recent years with the success of the TWILIGHT movies and more vampire TV shows than you could easily shake a sharpened stake at, but the success of the Jacob camp amongst the twiglet lovers has suggested that this might be time for the furry wolf type creatures to take over.
The Michael J Fox limp teen comedy TEEN WOLF might not be the obvious source material for this to happen, but then BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER came off a very poor movie as well and that's just about one of the best fantasy shows ever. So, after a VAMPIRE DIARIES style makeover, the hairy fanged ones (rather than the spangly fanged ones) are attacking your teletube over on Living TV.

Falling Skies comes to the Sci Fi Freak Site

This alien invasion show that comes with Steven Spielberg's name all over it (don't get too excited he is the executive producer, not the director) has finally arrived in the UK and can be found now at The Sci Fi Freak Site for reviews of each episode as they air on the FX satellite channel.  This harkens back to Mr Spielberg's earliest days when he made a film about alien invasions, but then turned to more genial alien visitations in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND and ET THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL before taking on the ultimate alien invasion with War of the Worlds.

Thursday, 7 July 2011


If this describes you then you need to read on.

20th Century Fox are looking for the UK's biggest Stargate Fan to help support and lead the campaign for its return!

Are you an avid and devoted fan?
Do you have a huge memorabilia collection?
Have you got any Stargate Tattoos?
Do you pop to the shops in a Stargate outfit?

If so then it's your DESTINY to come aboard this MISSION. If you think you fit the bill then get in touch.

Please email with a short description of yourself detailing why YOU should be crowned the UK's biggest Stargate Fan.