Friday, 10 August 2012


This week saw the transmission of the very last episode of A TOWN CALLED EUREKA on the UK SyFy channel and since it is a show that we will miss far more than many others that have bitten the dust over the years that The Sci Fi Freak Site has been following this genre we thought we'd take this opportunity to list all the things that we have loved about it in tribute to the five years of genuine entertainment that it has given us.

  • OPTIMISM - This was one of the few truly optimistic shows that the genre has ever produced. It rarely fell into dark and angsty places (though it played with serious drama at times) and was filled with characters who were all very likeable and for whom you only ever wanted good things.
  • SHERIFF JACK CARTER - played by Colin Ferguson, Jack was the heart of the show. An everyman, he was streetwise and savvy, but always out of his depth with the sciency stuff and so was the audience replacement, the one who had to have the technobabble explained to him.
  • THE CHRISTMAS EPISODE - We make no apologies for including this. Normally festive themed episodes make us cringe with embarrassment for all involved, but O Little Town in Season 4 had everything that you could ask for including Father Christmas, giant tree decorations, a surprising Secret Santa and a genuine sense of goodwill to all men.
  • WILL THEY/WON'T THEY - Carter and the head of Global Dynamics Allison Blake were the romantic coupling that we all wanted. They were clearly perfect for each other, but in true romantic comedy fashion there were endless obstacles to overcome.
  • THE REBOOTS - The show continually pulled the rug out of from under the audience, reinventing itself by switching timelines and stealing years of people's lives to keep the idea fresh.
  • IT MADE SCIENTISTS COOL - Well maybe not, but it made science look like fun and anyone who didn't catch just a little of the enthusiasm of the characters for the pursuit of science and what it can do was probably brain dead.
  • EPISODE TITLES - The increasingly clever and fun titles of episodes was enough to get a smile on your face even when you were just reading the schedules to see what was coming up. We liked 'Of Mites and Men', 'Bad To The Drone', 'From Fear To Eternity' and 'This One Time At Space Camp'.
  • THE ENSEMBLE - There wasn't a character in A TOWN CALLED EUREKA that we didn't get on with. Even Andy the robot deputy and Sarah the intelligent house had their own storylines. Fargo the hapless button presser, Jo the hardcore deputy, Henry the genius who was happy being a repairman, Taggart the mad hunter. We loved them all and we are going to miss them like crazy.
A TOWN CALLED EUREKA was one of a kind. There was never anything like it before and there isn't likely to be anything like it again. That's one set of DVDs that won't be leaving our shelves any time in the foreseeable future.

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