Monday, 26 September 2011

Episodes to Savour - ANGEL: Smile Time

ANGEL always was one of the grumpiest vampires around. Never happy with his lot simply because a bunch of gypsies decreed that he would lose his soul if ever he was perfectly happy, he didn't suffer fools glady, but was glad to make fools suffer.

Imagine, then, this vampire being faced with a bunch of demons disguised as muppets on a children's television show called Smile Time. Even better, imaging this vampire being turned into a muppet version of himself.

Yes, it's a gag episode, but it's a gag that is pulled off to perfection and works because of the character and not because of the gag. The moment when rival vampire Spike ends up in a fight with this muppet is priceless and worth the episode alone.

And yes, you can buy the muppet yourself.

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