Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Hordes of zombies have been stalking the commuter routes of the world this morning to announce the start of the eagerly awaited (at least in our place) THE WALKING DEAD TV series . Starring the UK's own Andrew Lincoln (AFTERLIFE), the show is being broadcast in the UK only a few days after it's initial showing in the USA and it looks like Fox Channels are pushing it out around the world at superspeed in an attempt to outfox the internet pirates. This could well be the shape of things to come.

The picture is of the 'horde' that descended on London and the show itself will be shown on the FX Channel (no doubt non Sky subscribers will be resorting to those internet guys - we do not support such behaviour, it's illegal. Find a friend to tape it for you instead.) on November 5th at 10pm. With Frank Darabont scripting and directing and Gale Anne Hurd producing this might be the TV debut of the season.

We'll be watching (probably through our fingers). Will you?

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