Monday, 22 February 2010

BAFTA gets it right over AVATAR

AVATAR, now the biggest moneyspinning movie of all time, failed to become a big winner at last night's BAFTA bash when the British academy gave it awards only in two of the categories for which it was nominated.

This was not a backlash against the film's success or popularity, but rather a sign of the academy getting it right when handing out the awards.

The CGI epic won for special effects and production design and there isn't anyone who would disagree with those, surely. The virtual movie has pushed computerised movie making way beyond anything it previously was (though there are many who don't think that is necessarily a good thing) and the planet Pandora was never anything less than stunning. In many other aspects (plot, dialogue, acting etc) it really didn't make the grade.

So well done BAFTA for getting it right and not being swayed by the success or popularity into giving out awards that it didn't deserve.

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