Tuesday, 2 February 2010

2010 Razzies for Sci Fi - now that's more like it

The Razzies - or the anti oscars - have a better track record of picking what's worst in the movies than their illustrious opposites have in picking the best, but then it's an easier job. For 2010 the big winners (or losers dependant on how you look at it) are

TRANSFORMERS:REVENGE OF THE FALLEN - This is nominated for the worst film, worst director (yes, you Michael Bay, hang your head in shame), Worst screen couple for Shia LaBoeuf and Megan Fox, Worst Actress for Megan Fox, worst supporting actress for Julie White's embarrassing turn as LaBoeuf's high mother and worst remake,ripoff or sequel. It should be noted that this film also got the Golden Freakie as our worst film of 2009.

LAND OF THE LOST - This comedy without jokes is up for worst film, director, screenplay, worst remake,ripoff or sequel, worst screeenplay, worst couple for Will Ferrell and anyone who he was on screen with and worst supporting actor for Jorna Taccone. This was an unworthy runner up in the Golden Freakies for worst film of the year on the Sci Fi Freak Site.

MEGAN FOX - It's a bit unfair that she is nominated for worst actress in TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN as she was effectively hamstrung by the role in the film and it is well out of order that she was nominated again for JENNIFER'S BODY.

GI JOE:RISE OF COBRA - is also up for worst movie.

EDDIE MURPHY - is up for the worst actor of the decade and we think he ought to get it on the strength of MEET DAVE alone.

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