Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The Sci Fi Freak Blog comes to the internet

It's taken a while to clear the schedules of the team to get around to setting up the Sci Fi Freak Blog, but it's finally here.

The reason for this is because there has been just so much great (and, let's face it, not so great) science fiction on TV and cinema screens in the UK. We've all been beavering away watching the new shows and films and trying to catch up with old ones to review on our parent site The Sci Fi Freak Site, but things have slackened off momentarily (US writers' strike and pause before the summer blockbuster season be blamed) and so we've set up the blog at last.

This is to take a less formal look at the science fiction scene in the UK (on TV and cinema) than our parent site, talk about things that we haven't see yet and generally shoot the breeze about all things sci fi that come across our radar.

Hell, we might even throw in a few personal posts along the way, if you're unlucky.

We do this for fun, make no money out of it, and really just want to be liked so comment on anything that you see here, subscribe to the blog and let us know of anything that we ought to be looking at.

Anyway here we go. 'Live long and prosper' as a non-human once said.

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