Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Neil Marshall's DOOMSDAY

Went to see this on Saturday night and the full review is available by clicking on the link above, but it was interesting how few people go to midnight showings at our local cinema. Sure, it's late, but you don't get screaming kids and thrown popcorn and all that. We kind of like being with people who are willing to commit to the film in this way.

DOOMSDAY is worth committing to as well, being BRITISH. Normally that means some sort of petticoat-filled costume drama or quirky middle-class rom com, but this is a full on futuristic action flick with cannibals, car crashes, beheadings, nasty viruses, tanks running over people and all the nonsense that you might expect from a US no-brainer. It's also a perfect weekend switch your brain off sort of movie.

Well done to director Neil Marshall for making such an anti-british film industry cliche movie.

All British sci fi fans get out there and support this movie. You won't regret it.

You should also catch up with Mark Kermode's review podcast on the Five Live section of the BBC website.

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