Sunday, 19 May 2013

Review of ONCE UPON A TIME EPISODE Child Of The Moon

In Storybrooke, Red faces her first full moon since the curse was broken and magic was reinstated into the world. When a man is killed by a wolf, she believes it was her even though nobody else does.

The Storybrooke element of this episode is almost painfully thin and flimsy. Uncomplicated doesn't even begin to cover it. Fortunately, we have the flashbacks into the magic realm where Ruby finds her real mother and a way to control the wolf. Admittedly, this story introduces the mother only to get rid of her again in very unlikely haste, but the conflict between two sides of a character is earnestly played, even though we have seen it all before elsewhere.

King George's revenge on Charming is nicely duplicitous and all in all this was a solidly entertaining episode.

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