Monday, 23 January 2012

Russell T Davies returns to kids' TV with Aliens vs Wizards

Colour us officially excited. The team that originally brought us The Sarah Jane Adventures is back together as Russell T Davies and Phil Ford work on Aliens vs Wizards, a production for CBBC, where The Sarah Jane Adventures found so much success. Russell T earned our love for bringing back DOCTOR WHO and then our undying worship for bringing back Sarah Jane Smith (the much missed Elisabeth Sladen) and giving her a show all of her own. Phil Ford worked on that show and made it almost as great as its parent show.

The idea of them getting back to work on this new outing, in which two young boys use magic and science to defeat alien machinations, is the kind of thing that will be getting us sitting down with our broods to see the results with extreme excitement. Unfortunately, those results won't be out until the Autumn.

Please lads, work fast.

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