Tuesday, 21 June 2011

GAME OF THRONES ends, but will be back

Following the death of Lord Stark, everyone pauses to consider the new landscape. The war is running against the Lannisters, the young King is refusing to be commanded by his elders and in another land witchcraft has dramatic results.
It was the big finale, except that wasn't.There was no climax here, no conclusion, no bringing together of the plot strands into some sort of satisfactory whole. Instead, the plot continued to meander on, there were more meaningless conversations and patience was stretched to snapping point. The end result of ten hours of the most vaunted fantasy series ever was an astounding 'is that it?'.
The show tried to pull things out of the fire (literally) with the birth of Daenerys' dragons, but by that point it hardly mattered. Faith must be hugely high in the continuation of the show since no effort was made to wrap up even one single storyline or present a cliffhanger. The story didn't come to an end, it just sort of ... stopped.

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