Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Steven Moffat Unhappy about Dr Who Leaks

Steven Moffat is reported on the BBC news website as being unhappy about fans who blogged details of the latest series opening two parter after having been invited to a showing of the stories at the official launch of the series.

It strikes us as being somewhat naive to think that you can invite fans to such an event and not expect them to leak spoilers. Is the Moffster playing publicity-raising games? He certainly uses some unfriendly language, calling the offender a twit and hoping that he goes and watches something else instead.

You also have to say that accusing someone of having 'ham-fisted english' when you're a writer is opening yourself open to all kinds of criticism when you yourself are a writer, no matter how successful.

We loved Moffat's work in the Russell T Davies era, but have been disappointed since he took over. We won't be accusing him of 'ham-fisted showrunning' any time soon, though.

We really enjoyed last Saturday's episode though.

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Kit said...

I Personally have really enjoyed the new series since Moffat took over. I think it has evolved and gotten better, I'm not disappointed at all. If you want the old cliched formula go back and watch the million and one series before this one.

I can completely understand why Steven would be so angry about the complete spoiling of episodes that he lovingly wrote and wanted people to enjoy. As an artist I know when you pour your heart into something it is as precious to you as a child and you become very, very protective of it. He has every right to be annoyed and be vocal about it.

It was also a complete betrayal of trust when this fan got an invitation to the launch event that a lot of other fans would really like to get and spoiled it when they where specifically asked not to. It didn't just spoil one or two episodes, it spoiled it for us because next time they just wont invite us to things if they think we can't be trusted.