Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Dr Who Still Hates My Dad

In January last year I blogged a bit about the fact that Dr Who under Russell T Davis had a serious anti-father bias. Well, Stephen Moffat has taken over and it's nice to see that things haven't changed an iota.

This year's Christmas special, A Christmas Carol, revolved around a man who was the worst sort of person ever. He revelled in taking hostages against debts and was willing to let a whole spaceliner of people die when he could save them without too much effort.

And why was he like this? He was like this because of his abusive father!

Once again, Dr Who comes up with a bad dad as the root of all evil.

Still, at least in last year's series we saw that Amy Pond's father was a good and kind man - Oh hang on a minute we didn't because he wasn't anywhere to be seen and when he could have appeared quite easily we get some sort of aunt or friend of the family.

It seems like the anti-father agenda is set to stay.

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