Monday, 15 November 2010

Get all of FARSCAPE in one go

When FARSCAPE first hit UK TV screens, we dismissed it out of hand as STAR TREK with muppets. Following a recent rewatch for the main website, how wrong we were.

FARSCAPE is one of the most original shows that the genre has produced. It has a voice of its own right from the start, is always fun, is often exceptional and is occasionally breathtaking.

If we were making a list of our favourites then this might even make our top ten and that is saying something.

The one downside to loving this show is that the DVD releases were in blocks of episodes rather than whole seasons, so the cost of getting hold of the show was prohibitive. It also took up a lot of space on the shelves for those people who just couldn't help themselves. Those two points alone were all that have prevented us from flashing the cash.

Now, those excuses will not stand. The entire show, every episode, including the PEACEKEEPER WARS mini series that took the place of the final season, is available for one reasonable price in one reasonably sized box full of shiny dvds. This means that our bank manager's going to be a bit less happy with us, but what do we care? We'll be glorying in the hours of mad, mental and often drug-fuelled (Crichton's forever getting something shoved up his nose or injected into him whether he wants it or not) space opera that is quite unlike anything there was before it.

Or since for that matter.

If there are no posts to this blog for the next couple of months, well now you know why.

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