Sunday, 7 September 2008

NO HEROICS to be another comedy failure?

No Heroics is the new superhero comedy that is due to start on ITV2 later this month and, as seems to be the fashion, it shows that we in the UK are just a little bit rubbish and certainly not cool. Why is this?

The Brits think of themselves as a bit rubbish. Look at the history:

Recent BBC so called comedy HYPERDRIVE put a British navy space ship into the universe and peopled it with a crew that were British and, yes you guessed it, a bit rubbish. In the outback observatory comedy SUPERNOVA the Brit hero was a bit rubbish. RED DWARF, the greatest sci fi comedy of all time had a crew that was British and a bit rubbish.

You wouldn't find a US series following a superhero who was a bit rubbish would you? Well actually yes, THE LAST AMERICAN HERO was about a teacher who inherited a suit that gave him superpowers, but didn't have the instruction manual, but that is probably the only time that this has ever happened. Characters in US series are always cool. Even CHUCK had a real sense of cool about him - geek chic.

All we can hope is that this new series will be funny. If it manages to do that then we can forgive this hackneyed view of the British as, well, as a bit rubbish

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