Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Where have all the TV shows gone?

It's all coming to an end.

Not the world, though that may be true, but the recent golden age of genre television that was vying for our television watching time. Only three weeks ago we were glued to Chuck on a Monday night, Reaper and Bionic Woman on Tuesday, Heroes and Sarah Connor on Thursdays, Doctor Who on Saturdays followed soon afterwards by Pushing Daisies and Supernatural rounding off the week on Sunday night. And this was before we got into the satellite likes of Lost and Jericho.

Now, though it's all almost over. The only one still showing at the moment is Doctor Who and the season finale for that is this weekend.

So, where are all the replacements?

If you've got Sky you are no doubt revelling in the ongoing adventures of Battlestar Galactica and dreading being forced to follow the less interesting adventures of Flash Gordon on Sci Fi.

It's all the fault of that pesky writers' strike you know. All of the season's genre shows got cut short and all have come to an end at the same time with nothing else coming out of production to replace them for a while now that they're back to sharpening their pencils.

This doesn't mean that there's nothing sci fi to watch if you're happy watching older stuff (ITV4 and E4 are the places to be for retro TV sci fi), but it looks like the wait for anything new is going to be awhile.

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